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2. CC CI Workshop [Update 2]

08.10.2012 16:16 |

[Update 2]: The workshop was successfully conducted, and once again we would like to thank all partners and guests for their participation and contributions. We are looking forward to the 3rd Workshop.  [The CC CI Team]

The next CC CI Workshop will take place on the 3rd and 4th of September 2012 in St. Gallen. The three major topics that will be addressed in light of architectural transformation support are: 

  • Roles, Skills and Communication
  • Governance structures
  • EA planning processes

We are particularly proud and honored to welcome Opens external link in new windowProf. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter Mertens as guest speaker.

As for the previous Workshop, the venue will be the Executive Campus of the University of St. Gallen.

We are looking forward to an insightful and exciting workshop with all our partners and guests!  [The CC CI Team]